Happy Release Day!

When a woman meets a hero, her life changes.

The Woman
Karen S. Carter is head of marketing at New Stride, a major sneaker company. She’s always been known to her friends as the girl who would never settle down; there are no rules for her when it came to dating. She loved her freedom in every aspect of her life—no commitment for her. Her world begins to tip after an emergency trip to help save her company. A co-worker shows up at her door dressed sexy-as-hell in a military uniform. But he’s the ‘settling down’ kind of guy, getting involved with him may just be too much of a risk for her heart.

The Hero
Roderick Stevens, lead designer, has always been a family man and has had a set plan of school, career, and family as long as he could remember. A native of the area, his passion has always been to give back to struggling communities—his military connections help make that possible. Now that everything else has fallen in line, he’s focused on one goal, fulfilling his American Dream. All he needs is the right woman to start on it. Gorgeous, smart, independent Karen is the one. He’s had his eye on her from the beginning; however, this renowned flirt believes marriage is a death sentence. With their company in jeopardy, and Karen running in the opposite direction of commitment, Roderick is willing to put everything on the line to capture her heart and her hand.

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