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Yasmine Hyde

USA Today Bestselling Author Yasmine Hyde is the alter ego of Yvette Hines. Hmm, how does that work? Well, as an author I have to stretch myself. So, when I’m in the mood for a little bit of dirty writing in the 1800 of Western America, or maybe feeling a little M/M hotness or just want to write a down and dirty straight erotic story, it will be located under this pen name. So, join me on this journey of writing stories my muse SHE creates and I obey by tapping away at my laptop keys. I still want to bring readers stories that they will love, I hope, as must as I enjoyed writing. Let’s dive in, naughty ones!

Handling Holly ~ Blushing Books ~ Amazon ~ Barnes and Noble

Handling Holly

Clive Samuels’s childhood friend has returned back to town and turned things upside down. Now Clive finds himself foreman on a rising and profitable ranch. Watching the owner and his wife’s relationship blossom, Clive yearns for someone to care for. He doesn’t have to look far with the preacher’s daughter hanging around the ranch and looking ripe for ropin’.

Holly Morgan can’t keep her eyes off the tall and sexy foreman. All her life, her papa has drilled into her mind all the things that good girls don’t do, but Clive stirs all the secret places inside that urge her to be oh so bad. Caught in a wicked position that could compromise her papa’s good name, Holly has a distasteful wedding looming before her.

Clive is the worst person for Holly. No one with the wicked desires he has should have someone so pure, but when he discovers she’s set to marry another, he steps up. Soon, he shows her that the small taste of passion he’d given her doesn’t compare to what he wants to give her. His new bride takes to pleasure like a duck to water, but other wifely duties are going to take more than a few trips over his knee for her to get it.


Guiding Gretchen ~ Blushing Books ~ Amazon ~ Barnes and Noble

Guiding Gretchen

Chance Spencer has returned to Grover Town for one thing, to honor his father’s life. He only sees one way to accomplish that, by buying a ranch and making it the biggest and most productive so he can put his uppity childhood rival in his place. What he doesn’t plan on is stumbling across a poacher on his new land—a redheaded beautiful one to boot. However, seeing such an innocent out on her own stirs up a protective gene he never knew was lodged in his soul.

Gretchen Nelson ran away from one abusive man only to be dragged to the altar by another. Now she’s saddled with an overbearing rancher with a penchant for putting his hands on her ass and teaching her dark things in the bedroom she never conceived.

Soon both of their pasts catch up to them and threaten to tear down the fabric of the life they’ve built. The bonds between them will be tried and tested, but will it be enough to hold them together?

Hero to Obey

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