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When a woman meets a hero, her life changes.

The Woman
Karen S. Carter is head of marketing at New Stride, a major sneaker company. She’s always been known to her friends as the girl who would never settle down; there are no rules for her when it came to dating. She loved her freedom in every aspect of her life—no commitment for her. Her world begins to tip after an emergency trip to help save her company. A co-worker shows up at her door dressed sexy-as-hell in a military uniform. But he’s the ‘settling down’ kind of guy, getting involved with him may just be too much of a risk for her heart.

The Hero
Roderick Stevens, lead designer, has always been a family man and has had a set plan of school, career, and family as long as he could remember. A native of the area, his passion has always been to give back to struggling communities—his military connections help make that possible. Now that everything else has fallen in line, he’s focused on one goal, fulfilling his American Dream. All he needs is the right woman to start on it. Gorgeous, smart, independent Karen is the one. He’s had his eye on her from the beginning; however, this renowned flirt believes marriage is a death sentence. With their company in jeopardy, and Karen running in the opposite direction of commitment, Roderick is willing to put everything on the line to capture her heart and her hand.

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12 Naughty Days of Christmas

Happy Reading Holidays!!

12 Naughty Days of Christmas 2022

Stay warm this holiday season with this sizzling collection of 12 holiday-themed stories. From sweet to spicy, each book will warm your heart and melt your panties.

This collection is put out by my publisher Blushing Books. If you follow my erotic historical western series (Grover Town Discipline), you will enjoy this free read of CHRISTMAS WITH SERENITY by Yasmine Hyde inside!

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New Release: Loving Simone

Loving Simone by Cerza

Garrett Hallowell and Simone Williams were college sweethearts. Their promising future came crumbling down because of a drunken mistake, causing Simone to walk out of his life. Garrett moved across the country on a journey of self-discovery after losing the love of his life.

Simone had no choice but to move on after their breakup. She focused on raising her daughter, working, and getting her master’s degree. An unconventional meeting has Garrett on a mission to make Simone forgive him and give him a second chance. Will he be able to make Simone his again, or will she settle for her new love?

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At Her Call

He’s a biker. She’s a Mistress. They’ve always given one another what they want. But what happens when want moves to need?

Tiger walked away from the volatile outlaw biker world in which he was raised. As an alpha male, he embraces submission under the right woman’s control, his strong will and intimidating demeanor adding to the pleasure and challenge.

Skye has been mute since childhood. As a Mistress, she knows communication goes far beyond words. She enjoys regular sessions with Tiger inside the club, yet when Tiger’s past brings tragedy to him, taking more from him than he was prepared to lose, Skye’s own history of overcoming will be key to bringing him back –and showing them both how much more their relationship could become. 

Meet the Mistresses of Thomas Rose Associates. An intimate circle of women who want men strong enough to stand by them in the world, and kneel to them in the bedroom.


Background: This scene happens after Skye and Tiger dance together at his garage to the fabulous “Shut Up and Dance” by Walk the Moon:

“Come down here, Mistress,” he rumbled. “I’ll make you feel good. Rub yourself on me. Mark me as yours.”

Fire rippled through her. He’d talked dirty to her before, but there were deeper things happening here, requiring a different response.

She unbuttoned her blouse, letting him see the lace holding the weight of her breasts. Trailed her fingers over the cleavage as he watched.

Dominance and submission were all about the nuances. That was where the poetry was, the adventure, the unfolding of the story. A female sub might stand over her Master, between his knees, undressing as Skye was doing now, for the pleasure of his gaze and to obey his command. However, as a Mistress, she stood over Tiger, giving him the privilege of watching her undress, a gift subject to her desires, to how well he conveyed his gratitude.

In his gaze was the watchful appetite of a wolf and the reverence of a temple guard, worshipping the goddess he protected. A powerful mix. One she wanted to reward, not just as a Mistress, but as a woman whose loins had tightened and whose heart had pounded from passion to pain to joy and laughter, to utter need. All while she watched him dance with a warrior’s power, shout his defiance through the words of a song. She’d let his darkness rise and then fall again under her touch, at her invitation, so he didn’t have to dance alone.

Shut up and dance.

This woman is my destiny.

She’d never thought about being a man’s destiny. She’d had too much going on in her life to prioritize something like that. She suspected it had been the same for Tiger. But just like those D/s nuances, life had its own poetry, its own story to direct. It seemed to know when it was time for a plot change. To fork off in the direction it was intended to go.


Universal Link: https://books2read.com/b/AtHerCall

FREE Chapter One Preview – https://bookhip.com/HTBMCVH

[At Her Call is a standalone title in the Mistresses of the Board Room series.]

Series Link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B089Y8H9XC

Coming Soon: Jack This Heart

Jack’s implants are poisoning his blood and his body. If he doesn’t get them fixed racing will be the least of his worries. He’ll need a gambler to help him save his life. She’s needs a double cross to get clear of her debt. Trust isn’t something they can have for each other, neither is a relationship, but it’s hard to deny this attraction.

#fullthrottle #cyborgs #scifiromance #KU #spaceopera

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It seemed things couldn’t get any better for them until a misconstrued event caused distrust between them. Will the two strong-willed individuals allow their hearts to take the lead?


Santa Wore Combat Boots

From combat boots to Christmas bells, this collection offers contemporary romance for the holiday season featuring active duty and veterans written by veterans, military spouses, and military families.


Christmas in the Barracks by USA Today Bestselling Author DC Gomez
Retired for Christmas by USA Today Bestselling Author Lexi Ostrow
Santa Rode a RED HORSE by Anne M. Scott
Saving Noel by Barb Shuler
A Sweet Coastie Christmas by Cara September Echo North
Salvaging Christmas by Kris Jacen
Play for Love by Leigh Roman
A Hart for Christmas by Lily-Ann Johnson
Once Upon a Ditch by Whitney Gayle

Let these sexy warriors serve and protect you this Christmas!

Wanted: Mistletoe *Out Now*


Pick yourself up an early present – Now Available – WANTED: MISTLETOE – A Hot Holiday Romance Collection includes 20+ romances set at Christmastime.

Dear Santa,
Before I explain, how much have the elves told you?

Who’s ready for a little naughty & nice? With some mistletoe and holiday cheer, anything can–and does–happen during Christmas.

Your favorite contemporary authors have gathered around the Wintery hearth to bring you scintillating holiday romances. These sexy stories will deck your halls with filthy balls. If you’re not on the naughty list yet, you will be after indulging in these steamy reads. Whether you’re naughty or nice or you’re on Santa’s watchlist, these romances will put you in a celebratory mood and warm your heart.

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Finding Christmas


She was lost, until love found her.

Karin Doe Rudolph has more than 365 times twenty-five reasons not to hold any belief in Christmas, starting with the day she was born. Now, this holiday season isn’t any different. If the loss of her job isn’t bad enough, discovering her ex is married just plucked the last berry off her mistletoe. When she takes an unexpected tumble into Santa’s lap at an event, she’s shocked by their powerful attraction.

Gavin Cavill is intense and controlled, always. Until the night he meets a mysterious and sexy stranger. A week later, he walks into a restaurant and finds his one-night stand having lunch with his sister. This woman may be the most beautiful woman he’s ever met, and his attraction to her is intense; everything tells him not to trust her. When her connection to his sister situates her deeper into his family through the holidays, Gavin knows he must find a way to get rid of her. No matter how much he desires her.

When he discovers her truth, can he use it, even if it destroys the bond he can’t deny?

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Antonelle Brothers Immortal

If you like a cuddly cinnamon roll hero who purrs, and an alpha male who has met his emotional match, this MM Sci-Fi Romance book bundle is just what you’ve been looking for.


When a life-threatening accident nearly kills Izzorah, the thought of losing him is too much to bear. Luc breaks the highest law among immortals and saves him by a transfusion of blood.

But instead of a simple cure, Luc’s blood triggers a latent power, and an ability no one expected. Immortality. Could his precious Izzorah be Luc’s forever love?

One thing is certain. Once Luc sets his mind to a thing, what Luc wants, Luc gets. But to claim Izzorah’s full surrender, Luc must first offer his own…