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New Release: To Kiss a Flame

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Can either of them walk away when the heat of the flame enticing and hot?

The one thing Aubrey Carsen always wanted was to be a firefighter with her two friends. She returns home to her small town and new firehouse, with secrets following her, only to prove herself like a proby. But, she can take it. Soon she discovers that a guy from her past, an old high school crush—a man too sexy to be wrapped up in a suit all day—is too close for comfort. The day she rescues a little boy from a tree, things begin to unfold in a way she never expected. Now, being back in town has a whole new outlook. Is it possible that her time has finally come and everything she’s wanted will fall in line? Even as she is afraid to believe it.

Pierce Emory, the bank loan manager, has been burned by love for the last time. His ex-fiancé walks out on him on their wedding day, and he can’t see himself getting lost in love again. Then his beautiful, curvaceous, tough neighbor comes knocking at his door in a storm. She’s sexy as hell, but there’s something about her he can’t place. When he discovers the pretty woman was the good girl from high school, the home before dark, and straight A’s, quiet type, he can’t believe her transformation. Now, she’s back in town, and the old spark between them has ignited into a flame that threatens to scorch them both.

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Free Read from Joey W. Hill

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FREE FULL LENGTH VAMPIRE EBOOK: Hey all! Who likes vampires, BDSM and intense love stories? Joey says her award-winning Vampire Queen series was sparked by the intriguing Dom/sub potential of the vampire/servant relationship, and right now you can try out a standalone book in the series for FREE. What does VAMPIRE INSTINCT have?

1) A hot Native American vampire hero

2) An Irish maid determined to drive him to distraction

3) A big cat sanctuary



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