Festive by Shelley Munro

Gray and Evie are tossed together for all the wrong reasons. Still, the more time they spend together, the more the pair realize togetherness and the Christmas spirit are necessary for a happily ever after, and yeah, they’re not saying this bit aloud—sometimes grandmothers know best.

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Gift My Desires

GIFT MY DESIRES by Charmaine Louise Shelton
The Beast bets 12 days of snow and steam will give his Beauty the Christmas she deserves.

Travel with the couple as Sebastian fulfills his spicy version of the 12 Days of Christmas from New York City to Aspen as their steamy love affair sparks in this hot holiday romance.
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Someone Like Him for Christmas

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Wanted: Mistletoe


It’s impossible to fall in love at a sex club, isn’t it? And at Christmas time… What happens when the fun turns into something else, and they start to fall in love?
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Mistletoe Latte by Ellen Mint

Wanted: Mistletoe

With one kiss, you’ll fall in love forever. They say that with one kiss of the mistletoe latte, you’ll fall in love forever. But can that be true with two people whose lives are meant to be miles apart?

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Yvette Hines Birthday Book Bash

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Bad Boy Billionaires

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Dear Santa,
Before I explain, how much have the elves told you?

Who’s ready for a little naughty & nice? With some mistletoe and holiday cheer, anything can–and does–happen during Christmas.

Your favorite contemporary authors have gathered around the Wintery hearth to bring you scintillating holiday romances. These sexy stories will deck your halls with filthy balls. If you’re not on the naughty list yet, you will be after indulging in these steamy reads. Whether you’re naughty or nice or you’re on Santa’s watchlist, these romances will put you in a celebratory mood and warm your heart.

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Out Now! A Stone’s Chance

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He was Mr. Unattainable for most of my life.
I’ve lived on the periphery of his world, a shadow out of light.
Close enough to touch him, breathe his intoxicating scent, and hear the rich vibrato of his voice, but denied him.

He’s my best friend’s brother.
The demanding workaholic who never smiles. Hard as stone should be his moniker.
I have no chance in hell at winning his heart.
The one that stopped beating after the death of his wife.

Then one night, I was the balm he needed. If I’d known how much it would have changed my world…would I still have done it?

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Where Yvette Hines will be in July 2022

Literary Love Savannah… Thinking about next summer surrounding yourself with romance authors and other readers. Join us…Want to learn more follow the link below.


Dance with Me, Baby is out!

When passion ignites, the flames threaten to burn down the walls they have erected between them.

After years, Marcelo Alcindor can’t believe that his old dance partner Layla Washington is back in his life needing his help. War rages inside of him at the sight of her. He can’t help but recall just how things ended between them the last time they tango. She left him without a word, without an apology. His mind tells him to walk away from her, not to trust her in the dance or his heart, but his heart urges him to risk it one more time.

To win a dance contest, Layla must convince her ex-partner to join her on the dancefloor. She doesn’t just want to win for the money; her pride took a hard-hit years ago. Only one person can give her a chance at taking it all. On the last-minute flight to his home country, she promises she will not let the desire they feel through the music lead to the bedroom again.

She won’t risk her heart, but he refuses to take anything less.

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