Magic, New Mexico Kindle Series

Dive inside of the wonderful world of Magic, New Mexico crafted by S.E. Smith. Escape into the sci-fi and fantasy world of these fantastic authors.

Touch of Heat by Yvette Hines is just one of the great stories in this world. Now, each story is available worldwide.



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Magic New Mexico Series

Imagine The Worlds of Magic, New Mexico… A series that brings together outstanding paranormal and science fiction authors to expand a town where witches, aliens, vampires, werewolves, goblins, sorceresses, pirates, time travelers, and paranormal live in harmony – when they aren’t joining forces to defeat the bad guys. A magical town where being abnormal is the norm!

I’m S.E. Smith, the creator of Magic, New Mexico and I invite you to curl up with each book now and discover all the action, the magic, and the love that makes Magic, New Mexico the ultimate go-to series for Paranormal / Science Fiction Romance readers.

For all the stories, go to Grab your copy today!

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Series Title in Bookstores: Magic, New Mexico

 Order of Books by Release Dates
1. Touch of Frost
2. Taking on Tory
3. Alexandru’s Kiss
4. In Graves Below by Carol Van Natta
5. Tangling with Topper by Donna McDonald
6. A Touch of Patience by Evelyn Lederman
7. Touch of Fire by Claire Conrad
8. Etched in Stone by Susan Hayes
9. Touch of Decadence by Sylvia McDaniel
10. Touching Topper by Donna McDonald
11. A Touch of Prudence by Evelyn Lederman
12. Touch of Curiosity by ML Guida
13. Touch of Deceit by Sylvia McDaniel
14. Bewitching Birgit by Tianna Xander
15. Touch of Heat by Yvette Hines
16. Touch of Fate by Aidy Award
17. Silver Unleashed by DB Sieders
18. Timeless Topper by Donna McDonald
19. A Touch of Harmony by Evelyn Lederman
20. Miss Fortune by Jason Crutchfield
21. Touch of Beauty by Jessica Aspen
22. Silver Bound by Jody Wallace
23. Made for Her by Lea Kirk
24. Touch of Madness by ML Guida
25. Seducing Sela by Tianna Xander
26. Loving Phoenix by Trinity Blacio
27. A Tangled Fate by Aidy Award
28. Red in the Morning by DB Sieders
29. Red at Night by Jody Wallace
30. Touch of Darkness by ML Guida
31. Touch of Danger by T.J. Finn
32. Flying Fawna by Rose Smith
33. Charming Charly by Tianna Xander
34. Magic in His Touch by Trinity Blacio



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