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Welcome to my SASSE world. If you are under the age of 18 I would kindly demand you do not continue further. As much as I am pro reading for all ages, I believe there is appropriate and inappropriate material for minors. THIS SITE and my stories are for mature adult audience. Thank you.

Okay, Readers, it has been a long time, I should not have left you. Sorry, for my absence. I have been writing and hope to have more books out in next couple months like bears and historical westerns and Heroes in uniforms. Also, I have been working on getting my books up on Audible and iTunes. Finding narrators is always a lot of work because you are not only trying to find someone that reads well, you are trying to find someone whose voice you like and someone that sounds good as the characters. With all that said, I finally got Haulcon’s Revenge into production and yesterday it went live on Audible. So, if you have developed a love for listening to books, because you just can’t always find the time in your work, play and home life to read a book. Even right now, you may be scratching your head thinking ‘when is the last time I opened my Kindle app’. Well, worry no more. I am an avid reader and I used to read at least 2 books a week, but then reports and work and family got into the way…not to mention writing. So, I started listening to audio books and signed up for Audibles. I love it. I can work, drive, shop and workout (okay, I go for 2 mile walk a day nothing strenuous) and I can still get through at least 3 books and maybe four a week. it is great. I said all of that to say, check out Haulcon’s Revenge. You may have already bought it, but want to hear what it sounds like, or you totally forgot to get it and now want to have a listen…whatever the reason, dive in. I would love to know what you think about it…post a review if you are so inclined.

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