Timberon Cat Series

Oh, have you heard about the Timberon Cats? No. Well, you are missing a treat. They are chameleon, shape-shifting cats from the wild lands of New Mexico. These Amofeli males are always on the hunt and search for their one true mate. Is it you?

Book 1 Secured Heart


Story 1

When an unexpected woman from Kal’s past enters a high-profile party his team is guarding it may jeopardize the growing success of his business. Lana is not just any woman. She’s the one that got away. Lana doesn’t have time to deal with a jealous and prideful Amofeli male, right now. That’s especially true for Kal, her friend, who was supposed to be there years ago when she needed him. Kal may have let Lana walk out of his life before, but this time he plans to claim his mate before the night is done.

Book 2: On the Prowl

(I/R; Timberon Cat Series Book 2)

Story 2

Preston has spent years trying to stay away from Tresa. She was a stubborn, wild and impetus beauty that turned his world inside out. However, she was his mate and he knew it whether he liked it or not. Tresa always manages to get herself into a fix. This time she is at her sister’s wedding weekend and finding it impossible not to embarrass her sister in any way, especially with an infuriating dominate male cat-shifter always in her space. The mansion-style Amofeli’s pride lodge is not big enough for the two of them to stay away from each other. When things go from furry to passionate neither of them can resist their desires.

Book 3: Rescued Mate

Story 3 in Timberon Cat SeriesMulticultural Paranormal Contemporary

Story 3

While out on a run, Dwayne stumbles upon a wounded woman covered in blood and the stench of hyena, a vicious pack reportedly terrorizing campers. At his cabin, he discovers the woman is Marisol, the best friend to his business partner’s wife and his mate. Enraged that the rogue hyenas would harm something that belonged to him, Dwayne wants revenge. Over the last few months, Marisol has had one bad experience after another. Believing a little quiet time in nature is just what she needs, she never expected the feral men who attacked her or the intense passion towards her rescuer, Dwayne, an Amofeli male. Happiness never seems to last for her and when the hyenas return, demanding her, things get hairy fast. Running away has been Marisol’s companion for years and now she has to decide whether or not to flee or stay in the arms of the man who calls her mate.

What began in a contest, became an unforgettable series you will not want to miss. Come on, enter the pride lands of these Amofeli males and let them bring you pleasure like you’ve never imagined.

Coming July 2015 Story 4, Stalking Nayla


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